Community Giving

Community Giving

Cottonport Library Donation

At The Cottonport Bank, we take pride in being the only community bank in this area. When you invest in us, we invest in you. The Cottonport Bank is proud to assist its community where needed, and recently, the Cottonport Library has been in need of expansion.

We have owned the building next to the library for a number of years, but realized that this building could be used to further the education of people in the town of our namesake. We have since relocated our employees who once worked in this office, and donated this building so that the library can expand in the ways that it needs. The library will be using this additional space to hold activities for the community, as well as grow their current collection. We understand the importance of education, and we are happy to have a hand in giving the town of Cottonport the additional tools it needs to grow.

Library building