Lost or Stolen Credit Cards Photo

Lost or Stolen Credit or Debit Cards

If your credit or debit card is missing

To report your Cottonport Bank Card as lost or stolen:
  • For Debit Cards (Monday-Friday 8am-5pm): Call (318) 964-2385 then press 4
  • For Debit Cards (After Banking Hours): Call 1-800-500-1044
  • For Consumer Credit Cards (All Hours): Call 1-800-883-0131
  • For Business Credit Cards (All Hours): Call 1-800-423-7503
To report possible identity theft:

Report the theft to Tammy Lavalais in our Moreauville branch at (318) 985-2101 EXT: 3034

Learn more on Identity Theft.

Suspect your stolen card is only part of the picture? See our fraud & identity theft section.

We are here to help you protect yourself

To help our customers manage and protect their money, The Cottonport Bank will send customers text alerts, which will allow them to receive a text message notification of any suspicious behavior. Once the text message is received, the recipient will be prompted to provide a response letting us know if they authorize the transaction. If we do not receive a response, or if the customer lets us know that they do not, we will freeze the customer's account until the problem is resolved.

In order for us to make sure this process is successful, we must stay updated on customer contact information. Call or stop by one of our convenient locations to update your address, or phone number. Branch locator